Monday, June 27, 2011

Cee Lo Green abandons the "Loud Tour" by Rihanna

No more between Rihanna and Cee-Lo Green. It just suddenly stop its participation as part of the first concerts of the singer Rihanna, "Loud Tour 2011". Gnarls Barkley singer has just been officially justified in the press as the Sparks Fly between Cee-Lo Green and Rihanna on Twitter. Cee-Lo Green has to justify his desire to stop its participation in the tour of Rihanna in the "New York Times." The singer returns to first on a busy schedule and explains very naturally he prefers to stop the first parts of the "Loud Tour" because of its participation in the TV show hook "The Voice", for which He is totally committed.

As a reminder, this music program, Cee Lo Green is a member of the jury alongside Christina Aguilera, Black Adam Levin and Shelton. Another reason, writing a new album for Gnarls Barclay he would start. Do not break the inspiration. But above that point many webzine on the internet is that this announcement Cee Lo Green follows a scathing exchange with Rihanna via Twitter.

Cee Lo Green had received bad reviews of his performance at the opening concert of Rihanna and felt somewhat offended. Cee Lo was then violently attacked the authors of his critics. Forced to apologize, Cee Lo Green has preferred to turn and stop participating in the "Loud Tour." The name of the star who co-star opening for Rihanna has not been sent.

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