Friday, June 17, 2011

Apple raises the hard end up with the surge in mobile recording concerts

The appearance of this patent is a few days ago, but the thing is so worth banter back. That's because Apple is a company with many strengths, but with minds especially when applied to devise ways of limiting for their teams. Only just in case. His latest idea would block the camera of their mobile devices during concerts, thereby preventing the recording of protected content on YouTube and then he ends up similar portals.

The way is so overwhelmingly simple, it scares me that eventually spread to other companies. Simply include an infrared sensor designed to detect a specific signal emitted by the organizers of the event if the signal is present in the area, the recording unusable. Thus, the freedom to use our terminal would be subject to the will of the companies that manage the rights of musicians.

Is this the end of the moving tides around the stage in every concert now? I doubt it, first because this is just a patent right should end side, and second because you can always find alternative routes. We are facing yet another attempt to put gates to the field, not realizing that largely are throwing stones on their own roof.

With a good showcase for artists who are the video sites, why this desire to not be in them?

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