Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brent Hinds Presents - West End Motel and Fiend Without A Face: typecast is losers

If you say that Brent Hinds, who provides guitar and vocals on Mastodon, is preparing to release an album which collects his solo projects, it is logical to expect some metal coming years practicing in this respected training. Nothing could be further from reality, doing little or nothing about the sound of this band can be found at West End Motel or Fiend Without A Face.

Brent Hinds Presents serves as an excuse to get into the same package two passengers divertimentos bearded American musician, and that otherwise would have had relatively little commercial outlet. With them goes to show how little it takes itself seriously (which can be seen with a simple search on Google Images), and musical open-mindedness that is despite his role in a band as important today metal scene.

Even between the two projects the differences are so remarkable that anyone would say that both belong to the same composer. That is why despite being sold as a whole, via Rocket Science, come in two separate CDs with their respective subjects forming two complete albums for the price of one.

Clearly, Brent Hinds has no great ambitions to any of them, beyond that to share with us how well it is spent doing music without restraint. But is not that what he should be in business? West End Motel - 'The Devil Called Me Tommy "(YouTube) Of the two albums in contention, the West End Motel is the shortest it consists only of seven subjects.

Although each one sounds different from the rest, they are all essentially based on a tavern undeniable. With Tom Cheshire fatigue as the main partner, and Nick Cave as more than obvious inspiration, this collection shows a high alcohol content. Guitars and large dominating soul, some country here and there with the last of Hinds and this banjo player, a little taste crooner when the piano makes an appearance, and all treated with a production that seems more typical of direct to the study.

Direct that bar after midnight, surrounded by smoke, snuff, the lighting in the area that serves as a makeshift stage and tables full of empty beer glasses. Of the two halves, it is clearly less bright. It has its charm, but it is harder to do patent, and is more effective as a companion in the background that demands our attention.

A noted however his constant displays of character and his ability to sound very authentic. Fiend Without A Face - 'Calypso' (YouTube) The real party pack is offered Fiend Without A Face, a very particular approach to rockabilly and where there is always room for surprise. With rolling surf guitars at full blast and a layer to accelerate the burning psychedelia, the album follows a surprisingly good mood.

Thirteen tracks of rock happy, carefree retro, more shouted than sung and it was difficult to try to resist. In this case, we find it so hard to stop what we are doing to put all our senses in music, which in turn will give us a nice sense of optimism and lightheartedness. The aforementioned retro spirit rarely add some metal lashes Hinds reminds us that beginning, and that work quite well despite the forced contrast.

Pimp tone of toupees wake up and dust behind the cars that travel Route 66, which becomes the best reason to raise the acquisition of this double album so well out of place in the music industry.

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