Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tiromancino and Fabri Fibra

New collaboration between Federico Zampaglione and Fabri Fibra. The leader of the rapper of Senigallia Tiromancino and unite their voices in "The Concern Of Existence", the third single from "The Essential", the latest album by the band from Rome last October. Subjected to an enveloping remix produced by DJ Nais, the piece will be available on radio and online from Friday 24 June.

The piece, high-impact and full of valuable insights and melodic instrumental, is the second collaboration between fiber and Zampaglione after "Misunderstandings" (2009). The song is supported by a video that marks the return of the singer as a director Roman Empire, after the worldwide success of his film "Shadow", who has consecrated among the most acclaimed young directors Italians abroad.

The Tiromancino continue with their tour, which saw ginumerosi sold out, and continue for the entire summer in Italy. These upcoming concerts: June 24: Formia (LT) June 25: Cesano (RM) June 26: Subiaco (RM) July 2: Tradate (VA) July 8: Viarolo (PR) July 9: Zagarolo (RM) July 16: Gioia del Colle (BA) July 21: Ostia Antica (RM) July 28: Chiavari (GE) July 31: Allumiere (RM) Aug.

5: Gallipoli (LE) August 6: Cassino Bows Village (FR) 9 August: Terlizzi (BA ) Aug. 13: Atessa (CH) August 16: Monteleone di Puglia (FG) August 17: Canneto Sabino (RI) August 18: Carpino (FG) August 26: Pescosolido (FR) 27 August: Montecelio (RM) August 28: Castle Umberto (ME) August 29: St.Agata di Militello (ME) Sept. 9: Pavia di Udine (UD) September 17: Atripalda (AV)

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