Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Strokes do not want to let your creative moment: make a "Angles 2"?

I think sometimes we are too impatient and we got carried away by any news, important, or not, simply because we like this or that artist and we look forward to give us more material. Even when you just do it. I admit, I am one of them. In its day I was going through shelves of record stores, always looking for a new single with new material on side B and that kind of extra material.

Since I know I'm not the only one who behaves or has behaved so sure many give you joy at this news. Not made or three months we are enjoying (some more than others) Angles, the latest from The Strokes and we're talking about a potential next job. But this time we are not fans, they themselves they do spread the rumor, since recently, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Albert Hammond Jr.

Nikolai Fraiture and talked about still in the studio, working on new songs not to miss the excellent creative moment in which they were. Of course, there will think that the time no big deal, as well as be willing to put their hands on a hypothetical "Angles 2." Precisely those we should clarify that what we are talking here is to record more songs, not to put an album on sale tomorrow, as noted in the interview Hammond, much more realistic than his partner Fraiture.

As concert calendar, again we have a much more optimistic Fraiture talking about a possible major tour this fall, and a Hammond with his feet on the ground, he thinks that even have to align a few stars for that occur. So little to gather from this interview, except that the favorite topic of this latest work Fraiture of The Strokes is 'Under Cover Of Darkness' and are already working on new topics that should at least maintain the level of Angles, and this last is always good news.

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