Friday, June 17, 2011

Britney Spears: the video for "I Want to Go" is coming!

Britney Spears has just started his "Femme Fatale" tour, the marathon stage which will lead to Europe this fall. Parallel to his world tour, the singer has announced that its new video clip for the song "I Want to Go", will arrive Wednesday, June 22 on the web. The announcement of the release of the new clip of Britney Spears "I Want to Go" is therefore confirmed.

The superstar will unveil its new video hits Wednesday, June 22, 2011 on MTV. The spread was somewhat advanced for the selection of clips for the ceremony of the famous MTV Video Music Award will close on June 24 evening.

"I Want to Go," the video for Britney Spears, was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero some. If his name does not mean anything to you, this film is the origin of the clip of Justin Bieber, "Baby," which currently has more than 565 million views, a record. Chris Marrs Piliero realized that the video for Ke $ ha, "Blow." Kesha is also the source of the lyrics' Till The World Ends.

The performance by Britney Spears was quality, flawless and adjusted to perfection. The queen of the evening appeared for his representation after the rapper Nicki Minaj has warmed up a packed house. On his Twitter account, Brintey Spears did not hide his enthusiasm and satisfaction before declaring it was full of energy after the concerts.

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