Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cars 2: Robbie Williams, Weezer and The Benabar for music

On 27 July, after the movie "Cars" comes to cinema. The second story of Lightning McQueen, Martin and his friends looks more exciting than the first. With races around the world and a new adventure as a secret agent, "Cars 2" will be the movie sensation of this summer 2011. To illustrate the movie "Cars 2", the soundtrack is once again for quality and for this second episode of many pop stars have been called.

A month before the movie "Cars 2" and in order to wait before the event, the soundtrack will be available. Thus, from June 27, 2011, fans will find all the illustrations of the film music and songs specially composed for "Cars 2". The music of "Cars 2" has been entrusted to Michael Giacchino, a regular music films from Pixar.

He has composed the music for "Ratatouille," "The Incredibles" and more recently "up there". In addition to all the instrumental music that make up the soundtrack, there are five songs on the disc unpublished. Among these songs, we can already note the participation of The Weezer, "You Might Think," which is the resumption of a song by The Cars dated from 1984.

Another song, the title is a duet of Robbie Williams "Collision Of World. Finally, for the French version, we get on the soundtrack of the French singer Benabar who plays the title "My Heart Zoom Done." A title that is reminiscent of the song "Boom! By Charles Trenet. For the movie "Cars 2", go to the cinemas in mid-July! In "Cars 2," Lightning McQueen, the star of motor racing circuits, and his faithful companion Martin resumed the tow road to new adventures.

And they're off to run the first ever World Grand Prix, which crowns the fastest car in the world. But the road to the championship is full of surprises, detours and surprises hilarious.

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