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Cars 2: many stars for the soundtrack!

The composer Michael Giacchino, the alternative rock band Weezer, Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams, the French singer Bénabar and Japanese girl group Perfume participate to the new adventure of the animated film "Cars 2". The new film "Cars 2," which causes beyond the USA, combining racing, an international espionage and a moving story of friendship, Lightning McQueen and his friend Martin.

The film, due out July 27 at the cinema, also has a soundtrack signed by composer Michael Giacchino, who won Oscar and Grammy Awards. As for feature film animation, the scene of the film is international, as its soundtrack. Thus, we find on the hard rock legend AC Weezer, a country star, Brad Paisley, the English singer Robbie Williams, "Frenchy" Bénabar and female Japanese pop group Perfume.

After "The Incredibles," "Ratatouille" and "Up," "Cars 2" is the fourth film that Pixar Michael Giacchino, set to music. "Michael has composed a soundtrack for the film really fantastic," said its director John Lasseter. "John knows the story better than anyone, he knows what the characters need, and that music should transcribe their emotions." Watch the presentation of the soundtrack to "Cars 2" by Michael Giacchino The characters in "Cars 2," route across five continents and the soundtrack is entertainment related.

Michael Giacchino has composed music adapted to each situation and universe. Michael Giacchino has also written a song in French, "My heart goes vroom" ("My Heart Goes Vroom"), in the form of musical introduction to Paris, and performed by Bénabar. Lyrics by Michael Giacchino and Scott Langteau, and have been adapted into French by Boualem Lamhene.

Bénabar's career started on a flying in 2001, also in the release of his self-titled album. Released in 2006, "Resumption of negotiations" was ranked in the hits all over Europe, and allowed Bénabar to win numerous awards the following year. The alternative rock band Weezer, author of many discs certified platinum, is distinguished by taking "You Might Think," a tube of The Cars in 1984.

Weezer has exploded onto the scene in 1992 and released nine albums to date. "We will hear our recovery when McQueen and Martin go to Japan, said Brian Bell of Weezer. It's great because it echoes our experience there, a kind of culture shock. "Brad Paisley, country music superstar often rewarded at the Grammy Awards, also elected Artist of the Year by the Country Music Association, has already contributed significantly to the soundtrack of" Cars "with songs like" Behind the Clouds "written with Frank Rogers, and" Find Yourself ".

For new music from the film "Cars 2," the artist returns with two new songs. For "Cars 2," he teamed up with Robbie Williams and the result is a sublime rock song. The song "Collision Of Worlds" was written and recorded as a duet by Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams. The British singer said "Brad came with his guitar and some basic agreements, and we started humming melodies to return until the song takes shape.

It is a kind of exchange of expressions typical of our two countries, where people speak the same language, but do not understand ... until now! "The second song," Nobody's Fool "was written and performed by Brad Paisley. It is inspired by the saddest scene of the film. Watch the video for Robbie Williams' Collision Of Worlds "Pamis participants to the soundtrack of" Cars 2, "we can also mention the Japanese pop group, Perfume.

The three girls sang their hit of the moment in Japan "Polyrhythm". in the scene where McQueen and Martin attended the gala World Grand Prix in Tokyo. "Cars 2," the movie and the soundtrack, roll into theaters July 27, 2011. The soundtrack will be available from June 27th on Walt Disney Records / EMI Music.

Lists the titles of the soundtrack F "Cars 2": 1. You Might Think Performed by Weezer 2. Collision Of Worlds Performed by Brad Paisley and Robbie Williams 3. Zoom Made My Heart (My Heart Goes Vroom) Performed by Bénabar 4. Nobody's Fool Performed by Brad Paisley 5. Performed by Polyrhythm Perfume 6. Score 7 Turbo Transmission. It's Finn McMissile! Score 8. Mater Waiter The Score 9. Radiator Reunion Score 10. Cranking Up The Heat Score 11. Japan Score 12. Tarmac The Magnificent Score 13. Whose Is This Engine? Score 14. History's Biggest Loser Score 15 Cars. Mater Of Disguise Score 16. Porto Corsa Score 17. The Lemon Pledge Score 18. Mater's Getaway Score 19. Mater McQueen Warns Score 20. Going To The Backup Plan Score 21. Mater's The Bomb Score 22. Blunder and Lightning Score 23. The Other Shoot Score 24. Axlerod Exposed Score 25. The Radiator Springs Gran Prix Score 26. The Turbomat Score

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