Friday, June 17, 2011

Lou Reed and Metallica team up on a new album

The heavy metal band Metallica will deviate several degrees of his musical career with his new album, just recorded in collaboration with Lou Reed, have revealed the group in a statement on its official website, but not forward the date publication status or title.

Lou's work has a timeless quality that we revere "A project that is not really a Metallica album one hundred percent" is the formula that the band has chosen to describe their new material, ten songs recorded in recent months in San Francisco together they describe as "one of the most influential composers, musicians and performers in the history of rock music." The American band led James Hetfield tells the whole idea of this project had long been assaulted, since they act with Reed at the party's 25th anniversary Hall of Fame Rock and Roll, in October 2009 at Madison Square Garden New York.

In addition to several Grammy Awards, the group has in its repertoire some classic rock music as Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman or St. Anger. Meanwhile, Lou Reed was one of the reference figures of music and pop art from the 60's. His career, either with Velvet Underground and solo, is riddled with hits such as Heroin, Perfect Day and A Walk On The Wild Side.

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