Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alicia Keys will record a duet with Adele, and how we are not going to love?

Alicia Keys is little point taking out the reissue of Songs In A Minor, whose release date is set for next June 28. However, its projection in recent months has nothing to deal with that Adele had, author of one of the best albums so far this year has cornered much has stepped charts for weeks and weeks.

A few years ago and met in a timely collaboration in the KCA Black Ball charity event in 2008, an event hosted by Alicia Keys and in which he played the piano while the British played two tracks from their first album, 'Hometown Glory 'and' Make You Feel My Love ', but only merely an accompaniment.

However, exchanges of compliments between the two have been ongoing since that time. Adele had no problem resorting to vocal tutor had Alicia Keys, Ron Anderson, after having problems during a tour of the United States, for advice when caring voice and minimize the damage it caused a performance after another.

Keys, meanwhile, has always had a special place in their preference for it, and lately rumors have increased the possibility that both are the protagonists a duet, so that has come his way to confirm the whole thing. The truth is that unless the bad The Element Of Freedom, Alicia Keys has been one of the great promises of the soul.

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