Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coldplay: the video of "Tear Drop Evevy Is A Waterfall"

The long awaited EP from Coldplay "Evevy Tear Drop Is A Waterfall" is finally available for download. In addition to the song that bears the name of the EP, the band Chris Martin has two more new songs and more intimate. To celebrate the release of this EP, before the arrival in late 2011 of their new album, Coldplay has just lifted the veil on the colorful video clip of "Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall" After revealing the first single "Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall" at the beginning of June and two other songs on the band's official website, "Major Minus" and "Moving To Mars", the band Chris Martin, Coldplay, unveiled the video for "Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall "shot in England with enough magical effects.

To this new illustration video, the group used the format "Stop Motion". This process film, also called stop-motion animation is a technique to create a motion from stationary objects. The concept is similar to that of the cartoon and is often used for the design of commercial. This new clip of Coldplay, as the EP "Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall", the tone and gives us a first glimpse of the artistic project of Coldplay, expected perhaps in the fall.

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