Friday, June 17, 2011

U2, Bon Jovi and Elton John: the world's richest musicians

Oblivious to the crisis label, a group of artists continue to make millions in boxes. At least, that appears from a list that Forbes has drawn up and revealing who they are currently the world's richest musicians and the number of zeros that make their fortunes. In it, the rising star Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber (the latter, ranked 13) rub shoulders with long-standing bands like U2 or Bon Jovi.

These are the musicians who occupy the top ten ranking:
1. U2. The group led by the renowned Bono is going through a financial sweet. The Irish are on board for almost two years in one of the most lucrative tour in history. When this is over, something will happen this summer, have sold 700 million worth of tickets after performing at seven million people. According to the publication, have raised more than $ 195 million.

2. Bon Jovi. With a fortune of 125 million Bon Jovi rockers are second on the list. Among his exploits included the hanging the sign "sold out" for three consecutive days in the great stadium of Meadowlands in New Jersey (USA) last May.

3. Elton John. Forbes credited with a fortune of 100 million dollars. Furthermore, contrary to previous reports, the British do not have to share profits. The great friend of the late Lady Di has sold nearly 250 millions albums in 30 years and in the last twelve months has provided hundreds of successful shows.

4. Lady Gaga. It has not turned 30 and already have a bank account valued at 90 million . His tour 'The Queen Monster' grossed over 137 performances a sum of approximately 170 million. The high cost, however,  reduced the total revenue performance. The U.S. advertising rounding agreements with several brands, which lent his image.

5. Michael Bublé. The Canadian crooner has savings of $ 70 million, of which come from its record sales and its collection of millions concerts. Achieved success five years ago, in 2005 and since then his name round the top of the top musicals.

6. Paul McCartney. He was awarded of $ 67 million. The reason I still occasionally work is pure pleasure, according to Forbes, could sit comfortably on a couch and live like a sheikh for years with the checks you receive in respect of copyright. In fact, one of the most successful songwriters in pop history.

7. The Black Eyed Peas. During his early career his records remained discreetly in the collections of some lovers of underground and independent music festivals. Now he owns a fortune estimated at $ 61 million and generous commercial contracts with companies like Samsung and Pepsi.

8. The Eagles. The rock band of the immortal theme Hotel California has obtained much of their income from their concerts. It is estimated that they own a fortune pledged to ensure a comfortable retirement: 60 million.

9. Justin Bieber. He has 17 years, is the youngest on this list, and I could live happily the rest of their days without giving stick to water. It has 53 million dollars and little time to spend: since his name hit YouTube to the list of the great icons of the time teens, has offered an international tour this year took him to Spain from many other countries. It also has a line of perfume.

10. Dave Matthews Band. His flow lag behind the Canadian Justin Bieber (only have less than two million dollars, ie, 51). Continue on the road from his album Big Whiskey, published in 2009, gave them a big seller. They say that the band receives a million for each day of concert.

Behind them, following them closely, would include artists like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Muse and Rihanna. Another proof that music can be good business. At least for a few.

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