Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peter Murphy - Ninth: This guy is a real crack

Go Away White (Bauhaus Music, 2008) was a shock to those who followed the careers of Bauhaus and Peter Murphy in particular. But the Ninth was a surprise really, really nice and unexpected. Those who believed that the British singer was finished throwing stones seven years from 2004, which released his latest solo album, Unshattered, to 2011 in which he has released its ninth studio effort, had little faith in him.

Video | YouTube On their last tour and had been taking any of these items that make Ninth, specifically remember 'Velocity Bird', 'Memory Go', 'Uneven & Brittle' and 'The Prince & Shade Old Lady' of his great concert the Sala Heineken in Madrid in 2009. What about these four pieces, then that Peter Murphy continues to dominate the low register, melancholic, nostalgic moments, narcotic almost always epic and maintains an exquisite pen when writing letters.

Video | YouTube On Ninth has been accompanied in the composition by David Baron and return, if ever was absent, sets the bar high, equaling at least the brand of lavish Holy Smoke. I had not felt a positive energy to call it listening to a record of an artist is rooted in the so-called after-punk.

He says that is the latest star of a generation. Sure, with its iconic reference David Bowie retired forever?, Peter Murphy plays an idol can thrill with cuts such as The Prince & Old Lady Shade or Uneven and Brittle, which incidentally is followed in the tracklist of the album. Video | YouTube And not only that, the power is the latter issue, the rocker who live nerve is evident, is one of the strengths of an artist who still has much to say, and if not time.

And it is just an example because we could talk about 'Slowdown', brilliant cut is also cited as catchy. And I think that I am not getting carried away by passion purete follower, which I know you know well that it hurts me to criticize arguments favorite bands and artists. And all this without mentioning the first two singles Ninth: 'I Spit Roses', which just met his video, up to Peter Murphy, and "Seesaw Sway' vocally very Bauhaus, or 'Secret Silk Society', and rougher than the rest, and the second very disturbing.

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