Sunday, June 26, 2011

DCode Festival 2011: perfect sound

The DCode Festival is the new appointment of music in Madrid and had to try it. Just next door, very central and comfortable, with a number of people accepted to be the first day of the event and a sign with no clear premise. Does DCode is a festival of Rock, Pop, Folk ...? The only thing is clear is the confusion of seeing My Chemical Romance headlining followed by Sum 41.

After that we read Band of Horses, Eels and Lori Meyers on the poster on the web. Curious. The horror of 16:30 pm in June in Madrid must live it to know well the feeling hellish. As if the oven was not with them, Toundra got out, went very well based on guitars and a powerful instrumental sound proposal.

To emphasize how well they sounded live, a fact which then continue throughout the day. Hoot for the festival. That a group of Madrid gets to be the best of the day with unbearable heat, the sun to melt and over with Post-Rock is great. If the surprise at the sound quality came with the Rock, Folk The Low Anthem was not far behind.

Better than a small room, few musicians on stage in a very calm proposal to keep pace Toundra made programming is not understood. Songs very well decorated, warm and quiet. Too much for me at that time. Music Aloud had double in yesterday. The second group of its catalog that was Nothink took the stage.

This time the Rock was faced from its more hardcore this band also in Madrid. Against the good work of their label mates, Nothink sounded too linear, something many of us pass on this style of music in a number of occasions. Muscular guitars and more power. Ramon Rodriguez led to intimate live songs from The New Raemon with a band that still offers good sound from them.

A combination of love and hate, in most cases, it was confronted in a calm in a setlist in which continue to highlight the first songs of A Purpose Garfunkel (2008, BCore) against the latest, 'The Coffee' , for example. (5) Meanwhile unfilled space because it was early, the heat produced a disturbing asobinamiento and different groups that had been playing, was missing a spark that metiese me squarely in the festival.

The People's Foster contributed. Thanks to a cocktail of sounds very effectively part of Pop and Electro fiddling with a fairly easy, this very young group of kids from Los Angeles were those who encouraged the calico with joyful songs based on keyboards and percussion.

I did not know Sum 41 continue active after his past success with the MTV and a gap pants down Punk. What My Chemical Romance was more salvageable, something that little. That does not mean they have something remarkable to me. Rock trigger-happy and a little more.

A good team playing with the Rock from a more traditional view in which there is no shortage of brass instruments along with several guitars and a charismatic leader Mark Oliver Everett with his band of bearded men. At 1 am a group like Band Of Horses kills me. They can be as good as they are, they are, but I had put before the Eels because after all tute of the day is difficult to see eye to eye a concert, most of which the repertoire is based on mid-tempo Southern calm.

Americans began weaker and eventually left the most punch and guitars, with good chains of three or four issues that could have been the dominant note at the outset. The previous times I've seen Lori Meyers live happier I left. Yesterday I noticed a very active autopilot. It is true that not long ago and saw them and I do not know the tricks to stop singing the issues and leave them to the public so often do, at least not before.

Noni is not to be the singer best voice in Spain but yesterday was not quite there. Of course, the audience chanted at how nice their songs and comments from friends really enjoyed. The Granada ever seem to learn some tricks of the direct best to bring out some topics that have generally been losing favor with the years.

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