Saturday, June 25, 2011

The festival DCode treads the grass and enjoy

The first day of DCode, this musical event which seeks to return to the map festivalero Madrid, met last night to 11,000 people, a figure lower than the capacity (25,000) Sports Complex Complutense Cantarranas of where it was celebrated. The site is one of the great strengths of the festival is a rugby pitch and a grass football are very comfortable to sit back, savor the favorite ballads, and even take a nap when the cartel or low decibel interest.

No crush, and if desired, without losing sight of the stage. Moreover, the fact that the DCode be composed solely of two main stages and a tent in which they can enjoy direct alternating around the program easily, without haste. Among the areas for improvement should be noted the limited supply of hotel: at midnight, all varieties of sandwiches were sold in stalls of food and had to wait over half an hour to reach new supplies to get something to eat.

What were the ice creams were not lacking, which honor DCode logo (a bugler and three balls). Eels and Lori Meyers were the most acclaimed in DCode As for the musical offerings, this bent for international and eclectic pop rock that led, for example, Sum 41 (punk rock posh and very popular with teens) play a few meters from the seasoned, bearded Eels.

Probably the latter were responsible for one of the most brilliant concert day. The Americans wore neatly and separately their instruments hard copy form gradually tuned. The band, who triumphed in the alternative circuits of the late 90's, now it sounds better, more organic and more faithful to the classic rhythms.

The headliners My Chemical Romance and Pink-haired leader staged an intense and enraged sound start, but then they were losing steam and revealing its blatant stamp on the High School that evokes the soundtracks of the series of teenagers with pimples and eager of flirting. Intimate tunes The band of horses sounded more dense and tiring at other times.

"Are you tired?" Asked his soloist. In the back row could hear some yawns, though one of the groups that had caused more excitement. Lori Meyers, sparkling with a parish faithful followers, were in charge of putting the finishing touch. This Saturday is expected a more robust program featuring The Ting Tings, The Hives, Kasabian, Crystal Fighters among others.

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