Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yuck, video of 'Shook Down': the naked, much better

With the avalanche of releases that occurs each month within alternative music, one of the disks that were on my to-do list was the debut of Yuck, which suggests ways and were on everyone's lips at the last Spring Club, and laziness that I was causing the label of 'revival' that disappeared were putting up with 'Milkshake', the B-side to accompany the single release as of this 'Shook Down'.

The issue is one of the top disc, a beautiful half-time in demonstrating its ability to grow to be leaving the field to finish in a tangle of heavy guitars, symbolizing the bringing together its most pop (more Teenage Fanclub), and the most American (his other references: Sonic Youth, Yo La I have ,...).

The video is an attractive and grotesque bodies cubist collage of black and white, playing with disfigurement and other natural elements (the serpent, the forbidden fruits, fire), that lead us from the calm of passion 'You Could Be My Destiny / You Can mean That much to me'.

In case you had not heard, this is the other issue at hand, 'Milkshake', which also explores the more melodic side and bright, and less noisy group, along with other topics calm the album as 'Sunday', 'Stutter' or 'Gives Lilly Rose. " Personally, it's your side that I like, that I think that unlike many other groups able to grit my teeth and go up the distortion, but at short distances and when you touch or be intimate feel comfortable and express themselves freely.

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