Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Belle & Sebastian EP with remixes edit and give a boost to its 'Did not See It Coming'

We have been enjoying a few months to Write About Love, the latest album by Belle & Sebastian to date. If only months, but already miss the duo's new songs, which will probably take years to come. This is what has to be a duet featuring productions by success.

Successes like pop gems that are not in sales. So, until we can return to enjoy again the Scottish material, any crumb thrown us welcome. And that next morsel will be a 12''EP format including 3 remixes and 'Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire', a topic that has only been included in some editions of Write About Love.
The remixes are one to 'Come On Sister, signed by Tony Dougan, and two for' Did not 'See It Coming, "by Richard X and Cold Cave. Yet nothing has been heard of the other remixes, but it seems that the promotion of this rests on the remix EP by Richard X, and even has a clip to illustrate color and price, which fits perfectly with the tone theme: optimism from all sides.

That if not frightened followers of Belle & Sebastian, the word remix is only one way to call this new vision of 'Did not See It Coming', because this has nothing to do with what they usually do and djs associate producers at the end: it is rather new arrangements that the issue will probably be more friendly to the radio and, certainly to me (I'm not a purist) I found getting an original theme to improve the already insurmountable.

The EP will be available from July 18, and that is the date that we know if the other two remixes are of a similar character to this Richard X. Meanwhile, enjoy it, which is perfect for days of beach and sun to come.

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