Monday, June 27, 2011

Michael Jackson: 1.8 million for "Thriller" jacket

For the second anniversary of the disappearance of Michael Jackson, it was held in Los Angeles, a large charity event at which the famous red jacket Michael Jackson in the video for "Thriller" was sold at auction. The red and black jacket Michael Jackson... everyone dreamed of having in the 80's, just it found a buyer for $ 1.8 million dollar.

The beautiful jacket "Thriller" was purchased by a wealthy Texan, Milton Verret. Milton Verret enjoys cult objects that belonged to the stars, he already has another jacket Michael Jackson and U2 guitars signed by the members of the group. Proud of his purchase, Milton Verret willing to share its acquisition with the fans of Michael Jackson and has exposed the jacket of the video for "Thriller" in all the world.

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