Thursday, June 23, 2011

Britney Spears: The video for "I Want to Go" is here!

Currently touring on the "Femme Fatale Tour" Britney offers us the video for "I Want to Go." This is the third excerpt from his new album "Femme Fatale". The video for "I Want to Go" has been created by Chris Marrs Piliero, author, especially the clip of Justin Bieber, "Baby" or a "Blow" Ke $ ha. The video takes place in Los Angeles.

The video begins with a press conference where reporters ask questions unnecessary to Britney. Exasperated, she insulted and left the room. Britney is back on the street, signs an autograph for a fan on his album "femme fatale" before pinch her buttocks. Side look, Britney Spears did a little dedication to his early career on the Disney Channel with his t-shirt representing a death's head with the ears of Mickey Mouse.

A real look of a teenager in this clip, with the hole array jeans, t-shirt to the navel and the pink and black strands. Still defiant, Britney shows her breasts in the street before being searched by a police officer. We see then fight with the paparazzi with a microphone that serves as a weapon.

They rise, and we realize that these are robots. A man then comes in a convertible to save it. Guillermo Diaz is a famous American actor. When she discovers that it is also a robot, she wakes up and finds himself at the press conference. The clip ends with a copy of the famous scene from "Thriller." Guillermo Diaz turns to the camera, his eyes light up red and satanic laughter is heard.

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