Monday, June 27, 2011

Wilco and 'I Might': self-released single of the tremendous Jeff Tweedy and company

Wilco are back. Have begun selling their new single, 'I Might', in Solid Sound Fest festival. It is unexpected, something that could not foresee at this stage of the game: to bring forth out their song Wilco Wilco brighter since the days of Summerteeth. The structure is curious: the first can take back, but then turns out to be irresistible.

That seems fair organ, such ultrasaturados riff repeated over and over again and that they are joining new guitar lines. 'I Might' is a hoot that almost makes it look like the Flaming Lips Wilco: Wilco - I Might by ListenBeforeYouBuy Are you with me? Supposedly until July 18 did not edit the song officially.

The eighth LP Wilco will not arrive until September, but to me they have revitalized all want to hear it. Remember also that it is self-released their first album on his own label, dBpm. Remember that Wilco have announced three concerts in Spain and we have yet to know if it is certain that everybody will Get Well are the final title of his new album.

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