Monday, June 20, 2011

David Bisbal, about to mourn when a love song played at their concert in Murcia

David Bisbal not go through one of his best personal time. A few days ago his law firm sent a press release announcing that the singer Almeria and Elena Tablada, her partner of six years ago and with whom he shares a daughter, had separated from "mutual agreement". For some minutes it seemed that the musician would burst into tears So when the extriunfito was excited to pause at their concert at the Auditorio de Murcia past weekend because his voice choked by singing a love song - Noise-All attendees started clapping hard for their idol did not feel so alone and sorry.

They were moving a few minutes, which was not known if the musician to break out in sobs in the middle of the stage or be able to keep his composure. Finally it all ended with a straight face Bisbal, who for a while had to tighten their lips, but then was able to finish the song parts. For digital media have picked up the story is clear: the soloist collapsed because I was thinking about his ex.

The letter of the subject says: "I hear his voice, though not, I'm trying to accept that I am missing the noise his footsteps around the house, her laugh walking the halls, I feel like life is eternal, I am not able to be if you are not happy."

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