Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Disciples (The Planets + Antonio Arias), honoring Morente La Noche en Blanco de Córdoba, "Too pal body '

The Disciples have been lurking in the shadows, preparing a tribute to the maestro Enrique Morente, and will finally make his debut this Saturday June 18 in the fourth edition of La Noche en Blanco de Córdoba on a stage located in the Plaza of the slide of the Andalusian capital. Are not a cult nor a secret society Who are the Disciples? For there are J, Erik and Florent of Planets and Antonio Arias of Lizard Nick, two bands that the singer of Albaicín generated much stronger ties than those of his friendship.

Its headquarters has been the bomb shelter, owned studio Planets in Granada, where Enrique Morente was passed several times. And there according to those closest to have recorded some songs that might show live on tour. The first test will be this Saturday in Córdoba and there we see how issues have been passed through the sieve Morente Electric Lizard Planets and Nick.

The truth is that this is one of the musical events of the year and has hardly surprisingly been publicized. Maybe drop a piece of Omega, the album that joined the band of former Morente 091 with the excuse to approach the surreal Lorca Poet in New York and the Leonard Cohen lyric. And it is likely to include 'will be a way', cane in memory of Sidereal that Morente sang in The Legend of space, or the two songs he recorded in Next Month.

'Too pal body. "

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