Friday, June 24, 2011

Activists against tax evasion

A militant group against tax evasion on Friday plans to disrupt the performance of the band U2 at the famous Glastonbury music festival in the English county of Somerset, with an act of censorship of the group's leader, Bono. Outraged by the decision of the Irish group to move its tax residence to the Netherlands in 2006 with the apparent end of tax savings, the group Art Uncut, protesting against tax evasion by the artists, will release a balloon with the words: "Bono, pay what you need.

" The anarchist band Chumbawamba also criticized the leader of U2 "Art Uncut" was initially created to protest against the reduction of subsidies for culture by the current Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition of David Cameron. Will Claymore, who coordinates the group's protests in his website, he insists that they do not want to cause violence in Glastonbury, but Bono see the message.

According to The Times, anarchist band Chumbawamba's also criticized the leader of U2 on stage wearing shirts with the words: "Say no to Bono." "You would expect anything else from Bono. If it were some kind devoted to hedge funds would be different. But it is a nerve boast champion of the poor and oppressed and to engage in tax evasion," criticizes the singer Jude Abbott.

Bono, known for his campaigning on global poverty, has defended his critics arguing that their pay band and millions of tax dollars. The four members of U2 are the top earners musicians worldwide and have a total wealth, according to The Times, 455 million pounds (514 million euros or 731 million dollars).

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