Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dan Mathews - Do it all: too much good feeling to be true?

Apparently, nothing is more summery those bright and shining sunsets on the beach to stay in and cuddle up to the kiosk to ask for another beer while waving a timid breeze makes your hair smelling of salt and mounted a circle around a acoustic guitar, and in the midst of this happiness, singing songs that immediately buenrrollistas up the palms of those funny guiris to that when night falls, try to take the garden.

Well, this is a cliche so mythologized, inflated by advertising (no need to appoint a certain brand of beer that a similar announcement reissued every year, right?) And surfers, and Jack Johnson. Similarly, and ignoring that world separate consituyen summer songs, pop radio formula there is some nice, harmless and often inconsequential that ends (try to) convey the same feelings through songs as produced, polished and sealed to end up looking bad person if you say in public that you do not believe them, that he noticed the tricks everywhere, and how much sugar overdose causes you a rash.

Go ahead Dan Mathews is not Ben Lee, and Jason Mraz, far from James Blunt, but the (over) production that the disc may have related to these musicians, when all it would be possible to pretend to sound as accessible and nice as possible. Because, like it is because our brains are already saturated with these pictures so prototypically summer, but the disc just getting closer to Jack Johnson and kinder henchmen, before getting close to Ben Harper, or at national level, LA, when songs have twigs for it.

Dan Mathews - What do I really want by dodmagazine Because there is no problem in the songs round, catchy choruses, not even intend to sound on the radio formula, but if it senses that have been refined over the arreón electricity (there are standing 'Giving it to you', 'We stay for a while') and smoothing those hurtful in which self delves into his wounds (only seems to hit bottom in 'Lopsided', 'Letting go'), the risk that everything looks like a pose, a sham, something preconceived.

And that is something that is appreciated on a hard core way in which emanate with such forces, both sweetened talent as a production that lacks certain acidity to empathize with the proposal. That is, before I run with 'Under the Bridge' or 'Cut your ropes' with' See the Light ',' Do it all 'or' What do I really want? ".

Still, remarkable debut solo Dan Mathews, once dissolved Yoghourt Daze, but has preferred to opt for a comfortable to a risky production.

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