Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Artists participating in the Latin Alternative Music Conference in NY

The Mexican singer Ely Guerra and Jarabe de Palo groups in Spain and Colombia are ChocQuibTown some of the artists participating in the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC), from 6 to 19 July in New York. "It's not just rock, we also celebrate the hip-hop and electronic music," he told Efe the founder of the Conference, Tomas Cookman, of Puerto Rican origin.

In addition to Mexico, Spain and Colombia, are represented in this twelfth edition of musicians from Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Dominican Republic and Uruguay. Cookman said that this conference has been an important arena where groups were announced today and artists who enjoy international fame as Calle 13, Café Tacuba, Manu Chao, La Ley and Los Fabulosos Cadillac).

"We have custom music before show explode (get famous), he argued. Founded in 2000, LAMC is the only conference dedicated to the commercialization of rock, pop, electronica and hip hop Latino and Latin American Spanish alternative. Cookman said that this event came from exhaustion that music conferences always relegate the alternative "to a conference call at nine o'clock in a small room." "We found that it is possible," said the producer, Born and raised in New York and is founder of the National Company Records, which has among its artists Aterciopelados, Manu Chao, ChocQuib Town, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Maldita Vecindad and Los Amigos Invisibles, among others.

He explained that a committee working for a year to choose the artists, both emerging and popular with those who share the stage, who will participate each year in the festival, also held in Los Angeles (USA), Mexico and Argentina. "We remain aware of everything that happens in the music industry and interesting things that come to us.

Each year more and more material, "he said. The organizer explained that to perform at the concerts that are organized as part of the Latin Alternative Music Conference "do not have a disc in the street, but to show that they do is good." "This year we are from the Dominican Rita Indiana, an avant-garde artist (fuses hip hop merengue e) through ChocQuibTown (urban sounds mixed with the music of the Colombian Pacific coast) and this year was nominated for a Grammy anglo to Jarabe de Palo (rock) and countless new bands "he said.

Jarabe de Palo and Ely Guerra will present a free concert on July 6 in Central Park in New York.

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