Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Radiohead do not rest and publish a new issue that would have been great at The King of Limbs

Instead of starting a concert tour as most groups after releasing an album, Radiohead have chosen to take the weeks after the arrival of The King of Limbs to continue working his music from the comfort of the study. As a result we have first two additional items to celebrate Record Store Day, and after another visit to the program From The Basement to play the entire album.

The issuance of this program will take place on July 1, but to whet your appetite been presented as an advance the interpretation of another new song, 'Staircase'. This is the third appendix comes out to The King of Limbs, and is certainly the one I liked, no doubt these remarkable five more minutes would have been great to give more body to the LP.

As a curiosity in this action you will see that they have invited a drummer, Clive Deamer, who joins Phil Selway in the work of this sensual percussion theme. Also recently announced that during the summer will go on sale on vinyl a series of remixes of tracks from his latest album, by people like Jacques Caribou or Greene.

If the intention is to maintain this pace Radiohead activity and new for longer, we can forgive to forget the scenes.

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