Friday, June 17, 2011

Lady Gaga's video for 'The Edge Of Glory'

Few things about Lady Gaga can agree and strangers as the videos. Whether you like or deeply detest her image, it is undeniable that there is work behind, development and ideas. Suffice it to a few examples: 'Judas', 'Alejandro', 'Bad Romance', 'Paparazzi' or even 'Born This Way' is an impressive display of media.

For 'The Edge Of Glory', however, Lady Gaga planned to launch video clip. As you know, at first it was one of the promotional singles that should have made us shorter - and not the other way - waiting for the release of their second album. But the response from fans was much better than expected, and Germanotta decided at the last minute to prepare a video that we reward the loyalty of his followers.

Compared to the rest of his videography, 'The Edge Of Glory' has a lot more grief than glory. A video with no interest, probably recorded while the choreographer was on vacation, and rescuing some sexshop settlement.  The video has absolutely nothing with even a passing interest, not even the presence of Clarence Clemons theory, which these days is under medical care for stroke.

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