Thursday, June 16, 2011

The harsh criticism of the world Julieta Venegas "macho"

Mexican singer Julieta Venegas, who won five Latin Grammys, she combines her mother's brand new facet of her artistic career in a "universally paternalistic" in which women still struggle to "change the roles." "The world is sexist" and even "a long way in Latin America women have the place they deserve," he said in an interview with Efe in Paris the author of songs like "Andar Conmigo", "Slow" and "Me voy" .

Venegas, who travels with her daughter for ten months, Simona, is experiencing motherhood "hard" but not "stuck at home cooking all day" because "now we're moms otherwise," said a woman who now totals eight albums The last of these "other thing", released in 2010. "When I was pregnant I asked who is the father.

What does it matter? If I were a man I would not even belly. I have no reason to open my private life because I have a daughter. Men are not asking them all day, "he laments. The singer, who first shared the stage with his fellow Ely Guerra and Natalia Lafourcade to celebrate Day of Spanish in Paris, an initiative of Instituto Cervantes, admits it has not yet figured out how to balance their personal and professional life when your baby starts go to school.

"We do not know how I'm going to be solved. I see my musician friends who have children and are in the world happy life because children were left with the mother. For me it is different. Somehow I have to 'rearrange' all for this with her, "said Venegas, who has sold several million albums since he began his career in 1997.

And is that "women are increasingly more we extend to other roles in society and society is not ready to accept all these roles," says newly landed on his first visit to the capital of France. "I would like to see things begin to change, "but" the world is universally patronizing, "insists the artist born in California and raised in Tijuana, who claims that" Mexico is a very macho country "where" there is much violence against women (...) and no abusers arrested.

" Proof of this is that in this North American country, "when a woman is raped and reports it will say: 'You provoked it'," says Venegas, cultural ambassador of goodwill by the Council of Ministers for Women of Central America (COMMCA) . Therefore believes that it was important to have women in places where it is customary to see men because it is a way to change roles "and argues that it is positive progress towards gender equality has women leading states, such as Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, Cristina Fernandez Kirchner in Argentina and, before them, Michelle Bachelet in Chile.

Through such symbols, "maybe our children or our grandchildren will see a different society" but "we must begin to change something," he says. "Feminine not defend as a genre, but the value of people without thinking whether they are male or female, "he concludes.

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