Friday, June 17, 2011

Minute Easy: Tips and tutorials in high-tech video

If you follow a regular 100% Mag M6, you may already know the minute easy 100% Mag. This section offers info. practice, a chronicle video to find out some tips for daily life and in many areas. Now to allow everyone to find useful information from its 100% Mag and many programs, M6 has recently launched a new video portal called "Easy Minute." A site that will answer your questions and your curiosity about many of the everyday.

Thus, beyond the issues of welfare and food, you will also find tutorials for you to discover some features or software such as better use your tablet. In addition to the videos broadcast on M6, you will also find contributions from the community of site users Minute Easy and drafting of the site.

Thus in the section, you will find many explanations and presentations made by Internet users eager to discover their tricks. If you also want to participate and publish your videos in minutes easily, you will also find the site a video that will explain. All your cameras!

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