Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creamfields 2011 Special: techno for everyone

Last week we began the series of specials dedicated to the excellent edition of Creamfields organization that has prepared us for this year of your event in Spain. Many and varied are the artists who stroll their music festival scenarios Andalusian mail, so the easiest way to make clear what you can expect is separated by styles, that ye may know in advance whether you shall be satisfied based on your personal preferences.

Among the styles that will populate the festival, the most abundant and important names remain inside the techno and trance, so we spend a couple of posts to these styles, starting with the techno. Frontline are almost all techno artists that have specialized in Creamfields signed for this year.

Each has a particular style and well-defined, some of them flirt with the house and electronics in general, but the quality is assured for all who choose technófilos Jerez dropping by both the first and second day of the festival. The king probably techno from the signings of Creamfields is certainly Richie Hawtin.

Both his usual name, as when acting under the alias Plastikman, Canadian generally not leave anyone indifferent, and has shown very recently in Sonar, where even we have seen acting in free Boqueria Market Barcelona, among fruits and vegetables. This is the first time you can enjoy one of its festival in Andalusia, so surely try to let the pavilion high up on the basis of rhythm and sight, an aspect which often points thanks to his love of technology.

Apuntáoslo for Sunday. Much more diverse in style, if anyone can make shadow Hawtin from techno artists of Creamfields, this is Laurent Garnier. With him you never know what to expect, especially if it is, as on this occasion, her show that brings LBS toured a running time and in which improvisation is the flag.

Techno Garnier also can come dotted with house and jazz, from the hand of someone who is an artist is a lover of good music, as demonstrated in each of its sessions. And if you leave us such classics as 'The Man With The Red Face', the thing may be an apotheosis. The sensation of the moment comes from Germany.

Paul Kalkbrenner is an artist's funny, because with just a few EPs and a soundtrack of Berlin Calling, in which not even played all the issues, has managed to capture an audience that wanted and many other artists. The time of confirmation has come with his new job recently, Icke Wieder, which again shows that his techno-laden melody and sensitivity is on another level.

One of the essential no doubt for Saturday's. The other artist in the techno fashion is Umek, coming from Slovenia with his most commercial but equally effective. Dj and producer ATVs, Umek do better in large spaces and festivals, which can hardly be disappointed with his performance. Another to consider on Sunday.

Frenchman Sebastian Devaud, Agoria artistically, at its best comes to Creamfields. With its latest album Impermanence, this winter, his name is up a few spots on the list of the most desirable, although his work has always made clear that this was the place to be occupied. While his style is a mix between house and techno, which prints the warm both their compositions and their sessions will not leave indifferent any lover of good electronics.

Another torn between techno and house is James Holden. As in the case of Agoria, so far the British race has had few low points if any. Able to combine as one the most independent of the electronics with the styles worn, Holden is one of the masters of the impossible mixes. Although it may seem that everything good is beyond our borders, in Spain it is techno, and the good, such as billing UNDO.

Gabriel Berlanga (his real name) and has sufficient experience in the music that having done practically everything in the scene, not only in electronics, although it has achieved international recognition thanks to his techno productions and excellent sessions. He will be responsible for leaving our flag up high on Saturday.

And if you're not very techno, do not worry that the next installment of this special, can you find the last of your shoe through the trance.

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