Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adele: a meeting with Jay-Z

This is a meeting that does not go unnoticed. The star of hip-hop, Jay-Z, met the singer of the worldwide hit "Rolling In The Deep", Adele, at a luncheon in London. The two artists met to discuss a possible collaboration. This is the English newspaper "The Sun" reporting the information and describes the appointment as "very productive".

What intrigued more than one fan! Indeed, while accompanying Beyoncé at Glastonbury Festival, Jay-Z used his trip to meet the English now surpassing all sales records at this time, the mysterious Adele. Adele and her album "21", are ubiquitous throughout the world for months and attract all the desires, including that of Jay-Z.

The singer, who now has a small voice concerns and needs rest, made a small exception to grant a hearing to dinner magna hip hop Jay-Z Rapper Jay-Z is impressed by the phenomenon Adele and is satisfied that their collaboration could be an exceptional album. A source close to the artist told the newspaper "The Sun" that Jay-Z has expressed his desire to work with her, either as producer or as part of a writing project.

Both artists have spent a pleasant evening and the atmosphere was really fun also added the famous source. Adele took the opportunity to publicize the Glastonbury Festival and was told he should Jay-Z met Paolo Nutini, the key figure in the festival English. To close this appointment Jay-Z was impressed and totally in love with Adele.

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