Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Essaidi Sofia: "I want it all" and a new album 2011

The former queen of Egypt in the musical "Cleopatra", Sofia Essaidi, returns to solo this fall with a new album. After his first solo album "My Cabaret," which dates from 2005, and its various artistic pursuits in film and television, the singer announces the arrival of new projects with a first single called "I Want Everything." "All I Want," the new song Essaidi Sofia, was composed by Jena Lee.

"All I Want" is a title firmly pop that changes with the previous title of Sofia Essaidi, "I live life" that had not met its audience. Sent to the media this week, the singer hopes to reinvigorate musical to announce his new album 2011. Little or no information has been disclosed about the contents of this album.

Sofia Essaidi will promote in his first single with a video clip to be shot in late August. Since its release of Star Academy, Sofia Essaidi has diversified its activities. After his first solo album, the singer actually began his career with a royal role in the musical of his mentor, Kamel Ouali.

Sofia Essaidi, although occupied by the monster tour of the show was put on hold his solo career. With some talent as an actress, Sofia Essaidi also demonstrated other talents interpretations playing for television and film. Like Mr. Pokora, whose fame has returned to the sky with the show "Dancing with the Stars", Sofia Essaidi showed all facets of her artistic abilities.

The solo career of Sofia Essaidi she will finally take off with the song "All I want"?

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