Thursday, June 16, 2011

Madonna back in the studio next month to claim what was always his

So is the atmosphere warm with Lady Gaga, did not you would think that Madonna, the queen of pop, was going to stay very still, watching the Germanotta is dedicated to the game of thrones trying to regain his title, no? The blonde with gold, as before, the usual, not new, has decided it is time to regain lost time trying to put in a distributor W.

E, a film that has occurred on the English royal house (another one) and that has given more than a disappointment. Released as of this charge, is ready to re-enter the studio to begin work on which will be the subjects of their next album. And though she has not said anything, we know for a fact, because yesterday was Guy Oseary, the manager, who was shipped via Twitter about it.

Oseary allowed fans of the blonde ambition made him 10 questions on the subject, and nor is it plan to play them all here, I make a summary of what we could get clear. For starters, Madonnaentrará in the recording studio during the month of July. Of course, there is still no data to his "new" sound.

Madonna already has an idea who wants to work, but not loose clothing Oseary. It must be said that, the network and boils on rumors, as usual when it comes to it ... We talked about A-Trak (if man ... 50 percent of 'Barbra Streisand') of money into the rap, and everything that we would talk every time we have divine album launch.

I'm going to bite the buttons to say nothing without foundation, but that I advance that, if what I read somewhere it is true, it will not have anything to do with what occurs Gaga, for those who think that shots would go out there, huh? Apparently, there have been leaks of unfinished and unreleased tracks, but Oseary is blunt: do not know where they come, but fans can rest assured that there are drafts of anything that might be Madonna's next album, among other things, we belong to the Warner stage, which as you know, is more than settled by now.

That refers to the possibility of later into talks with Warner Music to edit any visual material that has not yet come, but it is clear that material would be talking about the past. What is new is completely detached from Warner, and this, for the moment, no plans to edit anything new, either audio or video.

Left many questions unanswered, of course, but I know some of you are superfans Ciccone, I advise you to follow on Twitter Oseary, for he has promised to return to answer more rounds of questions in coming days.

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