Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ricky Martin claims his pride in Madrid with an overview of his career

Coinciding with Gay Pride Day maybe not in a casual, Enrique Martín Morales, "freer" than ever, claimed on Tuesday night at her concert in Madrid who is on today's musical alter ego, the artist Ricky Martin, with an overview of his career. Like his last album, the name of this tour is Music + Alma + Sex (MAS), which he described as his favorite and most complete of his career.

After his native Puerto Rico, USA, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Malaga and Murcia, visited at the Palacio de los Deportes, which was attended by 15,000 people. The show, under the artistic supervision of Dago González, who worked for Madonna, has become an allegory of the artist's life from early childhood through public confession of his homosexuality and claim their identity.

The first video showed Martin freed from the chains that enlivened aprisionabanTras a session by DJ Wally Lopez, the first video showed Martin freed from the chains that imprisoned to make way It will be a cry for protection for the marginalized . Ignoring the lyrics, "Do not be afraid to live, do not be afraid to feel," the artist was launched back from a height of three meters, to be picked up on the stage by the dancers.

Thus began the block that Martin called her "crossover" that is, his jump of the Hispanic market Anglo-Saxon. Choosing to various versions in English earned him some criticism from públicoUn saxophone, trumpet and even a tuba music clothed in this part of the concert, jazz club aesthetic that has completed She Bangs, Shake Your Bon Bon Loaded, all sung in their English versions, which caused some discontent among the Spanish public.

Through the personal testimonies of several members of his team, which serves as a transition between parts, the moments of vindication of freedom and equality were many throughout the concert, his album includes as many as MAS, including the subject Enough. This preceded the first major success with which Martin was known in Spain, Maria, a dancer following his son and an accompanying aflamencado also runs on your memory.

Leather, latex, whips and various fetishes more then entered the scene to justify "sexual" in the title of the tour. Cold sounded in this block, with a showy choreography, and a medley of I Am and I Do not Care. The alleged sensuality of the moment gave way to a great burst of energy more, the disco song from her latest and one of the most applauded.

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