Thursday, June 16, 2011

SANLUIS presents his first album

The brothers James and Luigi Castillo launched the album that marks his debut as a duo. Under the direction of Venezuelan Pablo Croce, also premiered the video for promotional single "Where were you." A released only days to have great success with his first single "Where were you", the new SANLUIS duo formed by brothers James and Luigi Castillo, launches its highly anticipated first album.

The former members of Voz Veis, now converted into SANLUIS, dress melancholy and romance to present their self-titled album, which is found in all record stores in the country since Thursday 16 June. SANLUIS comes ready to play the emotional fiber of the audience with songs and "Where were you" serves as an introduction to its first production.

The subject, with a high burden of melancholy, he sings of love and features a spectacular black and white video shot on location in New York under the direction of Venezuelan Pablo Croce. "The concept of this video is based on introspection, is to go on the streets of a city like New York and connected with so many people who live or ride there, is linked to the lyrics of this song and the emotions they transmit and Luigi Santiago .

Maybe every one of them asks himself yearning for some love, "says Croce around audiovisual also promoted at the Venezuelan TV will reach other countries through dedicated channels and music videos. Authors of hits like "Coming Home Soon", "El Farolito" and "Main Course", the Castillo brothers point to the heart at the stage artistic undertaking as a duet and album will be a tour of pop sounds, ballads and other genres that have influenced the careers of these singers Zulia.

"The ballad is the recipe of the nonna" but there are several strong themes, and the funny thing is that this did not happen by seeking a more balanced album, we just moved the idea of singing during the concert things that we can kick keys hop on the piano or guitar in his arms, "they say.

The CD was recorded in Miami and produced by Iker Gastaminza (winner of 4 Grammy) and has ten themes that speak love, nostalgia and even socially. You know, now the romance is named SANLUIS and from this 16 June, her first album is available in Venezuela. Follow them on Twitter @ Sanluisoficial.

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