Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ayo: his energetic resumption of "I Want You Back" The Jackson 5

Albums Artists can tell you real beads. This is the case with the new album by singer Ayo, "Billie-Eve", which offers a beautiful remake of the Jackson 5, "I Want You Back". Ayo has conquered the hearts and hits in 2006 with the song "Down On My Knees." Sweet and powerful at the time the song was the birth of music Ayo.

In March 2011 the singer released his third album, "Billie-Eve" which is extracted from the song "I Want You Back", taken from the Jackson 5. "I Want You Back" was written by the father of the Jackson brothers, in 1969, and has not taken a ride with the resumption of Ayo. The singer's version is faithful and keeps the spirit of the tube played by Michael Jackson and his brothers.

On this occasion, Ayo said: "It was important for me to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, it inspired me so much in my childhood and throughout my life. Resume his songs is a way to keep alive. I have not tried to change the arrangements, why change a song so amazing? I sang in the same tone, my voice can rise in the treble.

Some people did not recognize my voice when they heard my version for the first time. " Even on the video, the surprise was complete, many people see in the title singer Ayo Down On My Knees "and are surprised to see the choreography Ayo on the song" I Want You Back ". Influenced by the music of the Jackson 5 and also by that of Bob Marley or Donny Hathaway, Ayo has immediately come to the public with a universe apart.

With his new album "Billie-Eve," Ayo offers a range of musical styles, from reggae to psychedelic rock, with passages from the blues and soul the deepest, all overhung with shocking lyrics, personal. Far ways, without "featuring show-biz" or "star attitude" Ayo required, from first to last song, as a universal artist.

A singer whose sincerity rings as evidence.

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