Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boy and Girl - The Young Researcher: Now I go and helmet

Boys and girls can afford to throw seven years without a new album out not only increases the feeling of the cult band who have become his followers and all we are even more attentive to each new movement of the Odd Couple Bilbao. At least we are releasing a new song from time to time. In 2007 he was the EP Bomba Latina and now have just released a new single The young researcher in addition to digital formats, and can be achieved in physical CD Charade, another legendary shop in Bilbao and closely linked to the duo has been responsible for editing coincided with its reopening, and the Austro-Hungarian web who remain faithful.

The 'Young Researcher' is Fernando Robles, a blogger turned into a modern version of Agatha Christie that after a mysterious plot in Internet ends up being betrayed by her best friend Cheryl, who shared a flat with four police brass body. Uff, what Culebron right? Yes, too complex to be single and without that lively comic-point that many were expecting.

Just do not miss their appointments pseudo Cultureta the Nereids or Saramago and one of those phrases that, at least me, I've taken to my daily blogger "now go and helmet." Also do not bother looking too much explanation to everything they say, they define the single well, a new genre?: The CD with the photo collage on the cover as classic as Agatha Christie, which I guess is the art, including also instrumental version of this single and a second new song 'Love Me Doctor (Longo).

" Same thing happens again, I have the feeling I have wanted to put so many things in these two songs this time the puzzle is missing pieces to enjoy it fully. The phrasing of onomatopoeia of diva Alicia accent gets a little blah, blah, blah. The fourth cutting and extra bonus version included that made "Signs of Repentance 'to the failed tribute to its author Satellite Travel Around Carlos Berlanga, who besides being the best of this compilation (the feeling that the song I has belongings life) it is also now for her new single.

Which makes one wonder, pull, and I go and helmet. No, I can not say that I liked the young researcher, it does the main theme is gaining with each new listen, which is still very male and female (which is welcome), but nevertheless, I'm all happy with my new CD on the table for pure fetishism.

Continue to be so rare, but please give us and this third album and a new chapter of 4 in Alicante. And plays.

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