Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Death Cab For Cutie - Codes & Keys: neither young nor dancing, but showing signs optimistic

Death Cab For Cutie needed, we said when we were presenting the songs of Codes and Keys, their new album, an album with enough consistency to be able to continue believing in them as a group away from decay. Sometimes it is hard to accept, but, pulling wisdom, every pig has its day Martin and Ben Gibbard and his family seemed very close, especially in the Narrow Stairs so irregular that many minutes planted its roots in the directly dispensable.

Worse, his last album took his inspiration from the bad imitators of Death Cab For Cutie understand as little cohesive DCFC album. In a very graphic analogy, unfortunate and disgusting, imagine that someone picks up your favorite drink, use it as a mouthwash and then returned to the vessel.

Remains essentially your favorite drink, but the favorite is cleared away from the scene and begin to ask yourself even give the label of beverage. Luckily, Codes and Keys has not gotten one in the mouth and has a way far more forgiving than before. "Enough? Not so Trasatlanticism back to level, but, for example, place it next to We Have The Facts and We Are Voting Yes.

Death Cab for Cutie - You Are A Tourist [Album Version] by ATL REC If input, the set and is more regular, this is a remarkable fact: the decline may have been mitigated. In any case, they do not put it not too easy: to confess their unconditional love songs is, at this point, a daring, almost anything that is done that way, without thinking about the tradeoffs, defects, reality ...

'Home is a Fire' is like the worst start to a disk drive in the history of the group (but, bah, let the hot towels: not the "kind"), and that we speak of a band Let us not forget, has had low points, very low over his career. In fact, the great victory of DCFC as a group is to be able to have jumped to a higher category to which a priori were convicted and have persevered in their attempt to hit as many times as necessary against the wall of the lack of inspiration to demolish .

They are so atypical that were made with a hard mass destined not to be, Plans. Transatlanticism of itself and begins to fail, at this 2011, the need to seek always the most emotive, epic interior, teen room. The able, directly, in 'Underneath The Sycamore', yes, that sounds like autoplagio, but on wings lifting the disc just before the very Death Cab For Cutie show that copy themselves may not always mean to recover the better.

There is the atheistic 'St. Peters Cathedral ', in pure AOR DCFC but may think they have found a new' Transatlanticism '. Death Cab for Cutie - Underneath The Sycamore by ATL REC However, it is gratifying to elections and the short 'Stay Young, Go Dancing' to close the disc. That it will be a tad corny, but if you have not realized that Death Cab For Cutie have always limped much in that is why I said before, it's unconditional love, absolute devotion ...

Well, verily Ben Gibbard is the same guy who wrote the lyrics in the album by The Postal Service, eh? Those letters. Moreover, we have from what block at times, like 'You Are A Tourist', which achieves balance the intent of creating a DCFC album only pianos and keyboards ("Codes & Keys') or just torn that choice (guess the election) and what wins from a limited risk-taking ('Monday Morning').

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