Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Depeche Mode - Remixes 2: 81-11: less personal remixes of Depeche Mode

It's been awhile since he first announced the launch of the Depeche Mode Remixes 2, a continuation of that Remixes: 81-04 gave so much satisfaction that many in his day, and now used to do a retrospective update the path of Martin Gore and company, in the view of many of the most important personalities of today's electronics, in one of the lowest moments of training.

The expectation was more than justified because it is who it is. We're talking about one of the most important and influential bands of recent decades, and certainly the most important in regards to electronics, so no one can say Remixes 2: 81-11 does not deserve to give you your deserved review .

From the outset I must clarify that I tend to be more original versions, especially if it's a band like Depeche Mode, so tied to electronics and, historically, to the dance floor, but not with the concept of beats that many have in mind and if the rock band concept to use. The fact is that Depeche Mode sound lends itself to the remix, always has been good to her, and, unlike other similar bands, has always allowed other artists "fiddling" their issues without further scruples but always keeping an eye put in what was done with them.

The fact that the basis of their topics are electronic and gives a lot of game in itself is not difficult to take advantage of most of the productions of Depeche Mode to release a remix when clear. They themselves have been doing it often, throughout his career, with extended versions of their songs, which in many cases were the ones who really had to listen to see an issue in all its fullness.

It is also true that many of the followers of the band makes it more from the perspective of rock project since the project addresses, without paying much attention to ways that make their sonic Depeche Mode, so many will be reluctant to approach an album Remixes 2. For them, I must say it would be wrong not to.

And the truth is that it seems as if the first compilation of remixes, the 81-04, was clearly dedicated to those fans of the band with this concept, since it met especially those extended versions that were published in format 12 ", most of them produced by Depeche Mode. Instead, they offer the current Depeche Mode remixes collection are exclusively made by producers outside the band, so the concept of that varies from 81-04.

Although most of these producers have quite a reputation in the dance floor, what we found in 81-11 is a bit ambiguous: there are so perfectly danceable tracks, aimed at the track without any concessions, like others in a much more relaxed you can listen to the album as one of the Gore.

Most of them have been quite respectful of the original spirit of what they were doing, and that's something I appreciate in particular fans of all life, those who think that DJs should not tarnish the good name of their bands and favorite topics. The disc has two distinguishable aspects, one that tends more towards the beats and the track, and the other with remixes quieter and closer to the original versions, with simple arrangements that seem only update items that in many cases already have two decades behind him, but these separations are rather in terms of style, because the issues have been distributed throughout the 3 discs without distinction or separation.

I wonder if in part be due to my love for electronics, but the result is an album that can be heard almost any collection of the band so far, without the hassle of over-exposure to unnecessary or repetitive beats, including producers more likely to do so. Not that there are no extra beats and electronic material, is simply not at all uncomfortable or obscures the original sound of Depeche Mode.

That if I think that we have a collection more targeted to those new to the Depeche Mode sound, although the first was for the followers of a lifetime, with remixes that had accumulated in parallel with the release of remixed material, this new collection may well be, not how to explore and recall the work of the band, but to start to know, a forward drive which resulted in the younger or look the other way until they dive into what has given yes as long and excellent career, motivated mainly by finding new and remixes created specially and current names are mostly known for any fan of electronic and clubbing.

That, of course, without leaving out the collectors who can not miss a single post by Gore and company, there are many, and they know it. If it's worth get a copy of Remixes 2, I think so, but with the nuances that have been detailed above. Not if you are allergic to dance sounds but if otherwise.

The remixes that have been collected works are mostly more than excellent, worthy, though perhaps heard as developments such as' Personal Jesus (The Stargate Remix) "has not done justice to other cuts much more attention among so extensive tracklist. Undoubtedly, the concept of the album suggests that many of these remixes would work better commercially in EP, but if you are still determined to make a copy, made with triple version.

With simple you'll be carrying only a fraction of what this collection contains, and though few, if there is a gem.

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