Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five songs about murderers who would have fit perfectly in The Killing

Taking advantage of the broadcast of the penultimate chapter of The Killing and confirmation of a second season by AMC, I thought this is as good a chance as any to try the series from the point of view of music. And is that the murder focus of this television work, was also witness to countless songs.

During the dozen chapters that have had the opportunity to see, waiting for a decent resolution for next week, the series has shown great potential that has not always taken advantage of. With a starting point as basic as the death of Rosie Larsen, the plot has been branching out in various ways that may have wanted to stretch more than they should, but have always been very well constructed characters, shaped by very competent actors, and atmosphere that it would like to have many Hollywood thrillers.

It is in this last point, his extraordinary visual framework for research, if gloomy, cold and relentless as the rain of Seattle, where the work has shown its best side, and where we can inspire more appropriately to make The Killing of music. So, here you bring five songs about murderers who would have accompanied perfectly Linden and Holder.

It was imperative to begin the selection by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and his Murder Ballads, uneven and oddly colorful array of songs about murderers. Of these, the one I dragged fit for their sound and totally devoid of hope 'Stagger Lee', which tells the story of a taxi driver and pimp of St.

Louis that killed William "Billy" Lyons in the late nineteenth century . Video | YouTube The melancholy folk of The Decemberists also given to telling the darker aspects of the human soul. In this case, the item included on the album The Crane Wife recounts the case of the Shankill Butchers, a band formed by members of the Ulster Volunteer Force who sowed terror by night among Catholics in Belfast in the 70's.

Video | YouTube But if we talk about creating the perfect atmosphere of tension to put a soundtrack to a death, just as New Yorkers to get Swans. In its final stage in the album The Great Annihilator, we find this memento to disturbed murderer Dennis Nilsen, who killed a British half of terrible circumstances.

The sexual component of these crimes fits well with the case of The Killing. Video | YouTube The terrible case of Charles Manson has been translated into numerous topics, but few could speak of such singular character as Neil Young, who had the opportunity to meet him in person before the crimes that would make him famous.

In fact the murderer was his past as a musician before dragging a group of fans to its spiral of madness, and groups like Guns N 'Roses and Marilyn Manson have made their own versions. Video | YouTube friends also very tragic, The Smiths were inspired by the case of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, known as the Murderers of the moor, for the song that gets close to their debut album.

Between them killed five children in the county of Greater Manchester during the 60's, a time when their victims would have a similar age to Morrissey, author of the letter. Video | YouTube Bonus: The Killing When started, my partner suggested probertoj 'Swanlights' Antony & The Johnsons also make a good role as alternative soundtrack of the series, so you can include in the list as an input in advance.

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