Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Music for Chameleons' debate on the need for artistic decentralization

The company celebrates CAMON Thursday, June 16, from 17:00 am in Madrid, the second day of Music for Chameleons cycle, an initiative that brings together creators and organizers who seek to discover the keys that will shape the future of cultural development in all areas. The event, free, try to discover the keys that will shape the future of creation in this second meeting, entitled Peripheral as centers, will discuss the need to ensure the creation and dissemination of cultural centers and networks regardless of geographic location in which these are, and avoid central tendency.

Intervene in the cycle Javier Rodrigo, representing Cultural Transducers (Vitoria), Ignacio Muñoz Alg-a Lab (Vigo), Mar Kulturometer Núñez (Madrid) and Nuria Güell. Attendance is free. Music for Chameleons A metaphor: chameleons must be all those artists, gaestores and cultural rpdocutroes Tabajara today in Spain.

The series also consists of three other appointments: To be travelers, not travelers (June 30)-Co Co-Partnership (July 7) and The Sorcerer's Apprentice (14 July). The musician and producer Carlos Jean inaugurated on the 2nd of June, Music for Chameleons conference held in CAMON and is inserted into the cycle creates the future.

Jean starred in the paper on 'How cool weave networks' in which he spoke of his project Plan B, whose epicenter was located on the Internet. From there, the artist engages users in the creative process of his songs, inviting them to participate with their musical contributions and votes.

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