Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fte music: 30me edition Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Like every year, the Music Festival will animate the beginning of the summer with his scourges of music, amateur, professional and everything that makes that music is universal. For this year 2011, the tradition will not change and, everywhere, in France but also in many countries around the world, the music will speak in all its colors.

The Music Festival was founded in 1982 by Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture. The coincidence with the summer symbolizes the sanctity of nature through this festive day, like the pagan festivals dedicated to nature or to harvest (such as the feast of St. John). For this year 2011, the Music Festival will mobilize professional and amateur musicians of all styles of music that will offer free concerts.

With over media, the support of local authorities and the success with the public, the Music Festival has become a big event, a major French cultural events whose success soon exceed the boundaries of the hexagon. She began to travel abroad in 1985, to mark the European Year of Music. In less than fifteen years, the Fête de la Musique would be taken in more than one hundred countries on five continents.

There are now approximately 340 participating cities in the world. For the Music Day 2011, many more should also join the ranks of participants. Since its launch success is to go. Each year, just for France, the Music Festival organized throughout the country more than 18,000 concerts, and involves approximately 5 million musicians, amateur singers, DJs, and nearly 10 million viewers.

According to INSEE, the event is known by 97% of French, one in ten is contributed as a musician or singer, and 79% as spectators at least once. This year 2011, the theme of the music festival is "overseas". Particular attention will be paid to the richness and diversity of musical cultures ultramarine.

Thus, gwoka Guadeloupe, Martinique and biguines the Maloya meetings, tamure Polynesian and traditional music in all their variety, but also the current music in all their diversity, as zouk, will be particularly highlighted in this festival of Music 2011. Like every year, MusiqueRadio. com will participate in his own way to this international event and will unveil in a few days of festivities on June 21 radio.

Finally, for more information about concerts and other events of the festival of music, you can also find information on concerts throughout France on the site Fete de la music. Info on which you can also add concerts and events near you!

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