Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Johnny Hallyday: a new album in 2012?

Le Figaro said on its website that Johnny Hallyday was already preparing a new album. The singer, who was in Paris this week, is looking for new songs to give a quick response to his album "Never Alone" that did not meet expectations. The daily Le Figaro reported that Johnny Hallyday would quickly record a new album.

"Never Alone" was not quite as successful as expected, Johnny Hallyday would contact several authors and composers to prepare an album which should come at the beginning of 2012. However, the publication of this information, the management team of Johnny Hallyday was quick to respond by issuing a statement saying that Johnny "preferred to give time to re-mastered disc," reported by the Nouvel Obs .

Johnny Hallyday is going through a period a little difficult in his career. Also, this decision would not be quite rushed but would also give new impetus to the rocker's career already weakened by his health problems. His last album "Never Alone" created largely by-M-has somewhat taken aback fans of the singer and sales have been up to both his record and that Johnny Hallyday himself.

Even if you can not talk about business failure, we can say that the disc of Johnny Hallyday failed to find its audience. For his forthcoming album, Johnny Hallyday is to search for new tubes. The "teen idol" should occur in 2012 for a series of concerts across France in which he could add new songs for her comeback concert, scheduled for May 2012.

Above all its projects, it's next to the theater that we will find Johnny Hallyday. Johnny Hallyday has time to find new songs that his audience craves.

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