Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jorge Celedon and Jimmy Zambrano submitted to the Venezuelan her song "What you need"

Jorge Celedon and Jimmy Zambrano came to Venezuela to celebrate his 10 year career with the Tour, "What you need." The ringing vallenateros bring their accordions in Caracas on 16 and 17 June in the room Ríos Reyna del Teatro Teresa Carreño. Celedon and Zambrano will also be presented in Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maturin, Puerto La Cruz, Maracaibo, Margarita and San Cristobal.

"Today I come with my hands full of sincerity, full of truths, because the noble man when he repents. I love you with the strength that I have and nothing in this world I lose you, but I will not leave everything for nothing, "sang Celedon and Zambrano to join the press conference at the Hotel Gran Meliá Caracas, where he expressed his gratitude to the Venezuelan people for their support during these 10 year career.

Celedón refused to commit and respond to what the country has been more responsive, instead saying only: "In every state there was good support and affection is very similar and any specific mention would be a sin." As for what the Venezuelan public offer for its new presentation, face to face after a news conference, stressed that Colombians typically offer more without the symphonic string ensemble will be a more natural event, rooted.

Also, take advantage to introduce the new issue of Venezuelan composer Yasmil Marrufo, "Whatever you need." For those who criticize his style of music, Celedon said he did not get angry, "but I do not pay much attention and much respect." "The stories we have of Venezuela are all affection.

For example, mine gave me a plaster figure with a microphone, I can not forget, I have at home. Right now I acurdo what city, but I say it was in Venezuela, "said the Colombian singer. On a complaint he received a diary in respect of possible paternity has not taken in Maracaibo, accordionist Yimmy Zambrano replied: "That is in the hands of the courts, my attorney is handling that case, (...), I am very respectful of the laws, and especially Venezuelan law.

Well, if all goes well I assume my responsibilities, I'm going to do DNA testing. I am among those who think that you should not leave a child abandoned. "

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