Friday, June 3, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs - The Future Is Medieval: the future will be medieval, but they have a very futuristic ideas

Are we now in the second half of 2011? No? Then a couple of days fool you, because I had cheated on me, of course, to say that Kaiser Chiefs were going to publish new work by then. The truth was different and I will explain it below. That we had no date, nothing at all: you can buy it now And that we had no tracklist or cover for the album, more than understandable if we consider the new idea to bring Ricky Wilson and co.

Because the thing is very sick in this to sell records, we know that all go more concerned with finding the "cure-sale system" that make good music, although, surprisingly, there are people who succeeds on both counts. And if we were caught before Kaiser Chiefs sound with that money that is 'Little Shocks', now the surprise comes from marketing to use for the new album.

First, it is called The Future Is Medieval, and second, it will contain 10 tracks, but we can not say the titles of these 10 tracks or show you the cover art. Why? Of the 10 cuts that contain "my copy of" The Future Is Medieval need not be the same as yours. Kaiser Chiefs give us a total of 20 tracks from their official website, of which we choose 10, then a cover from a few possibilities, we pay 7 ½ pounds (about 8 euros and a half to change) and voila, that's our copy of the fourth work of Kaiser Chiefs.

The best thing is the system chosen to set our record. A beautiful and visual way to do wiring, including old telephone exchange to connect to the themes we choose, but not before a cueing them with the corresponding streaming of a fragment of each item, we will not buy blind! Right? And then there's the visuals, which we offer various graphical elements to add to our cover, designed by ourselves, so do not be surprised when you see the new album from the Kaiser Chiefs reviewed always with a different cover.

But even if we have a tracklist as such, at least I can leave the title of the 20 topics from which to select: Little Shocks When All Is Quiet Out Of Focus Starts With Child Of The Jago Nothing Back In December Problem Solved If You Will Have I Can not Mind My Own Business Cousin In The Bronx Saying Something Coming Up For Air Heard It On The Wall Fly Break Things Change I Dare You Long Way From Here Celebrating My Place Is In Serious Trouble Or Dead Man On Mars If this is already done so or not, I have not very clear ...

in iTunes and other services we can choose the songs we usually feel like, although admittedly it to create 20 topics chosen specifically for each other is more original. It brings the mind, that if risky maneuvers as the "pay what you want" by In Rainbows, Radiohead, or the news of Carl Cox, it will sell its next album on a flash drive that will give access to all contents very gradually, in 3 phases with different dates.

Work or not, is another story. My opinion is that this particular idea is not the most appropriate, because in the end the 20 new tracks from the band will be on the network soon, so people who pay religiously for the album will be giving least more. But at least risk, and try to be original.

Which these days, thanks.

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