Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lady Gaga at the top with lalbum Born This Way!

With 55,059 albums sold in one week in France and more than one million U.S. Stefani Angelina Joanne Germanotta ranked No. 1 rankings albums around the world. "Born This Way" Lady Gaga therefore allows to get the pole position in the USA, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, after only one week of release, and thus set a new record after the strong rankings of the album "The Fame".

With 1.1 million album "Born This Way 'gone, Lady Gaga well over 270,000 copies of" FAM E' Chris Brown and the 276,000 copies sold of the album "Femme Fatale" by Britney Spears during their first week of release. However Lady Gaga will not beat the record of the latter which is the female artist to have sold the most records in one week in 2000 with the famous "Oops! ...

I Did It Again "(1,319,000 copies). However, the runaway success of the album "Born This Way" to be qualified. Indeed, the stroke of strategic marketing "Monster Mama" made on site Amazon MP3, offering the album in less than a dollar contributed greatly inflated the number of album sales.

This would have allowed Lady Gaga sales totaling 440,000. Despite the $ 3 million lost by Amazon, the singer will benefit from this strategy as "Born This Way" became the 17th album in history to pass the 1 million albums sold in one week. Thus, in addition to being on top of Twitter, with more than 10 million of babies, we can also see that "the album of the decade" is successful marketing side.

Lady Gaga has kept its promises.

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