Saturday, June 11, 2011

Machine Head somewhat lacking gas 'Locust', the first preview of his new album

My friend Victor said yesterday it up the new Mastodon, this year many of the metal discs are still a disappointment. I'd hate to have to get Machine Head in that bag, it had great faith in this return, but I fear that 'Locust' as the first single has left me rather cold. Coming from an album "The Blackening, where every song was a rush of power that would burn down to his eyebrows, this advance is shown completely lacking punch without a riff that makes you move, or an incendiary chorus, even one for the memory.

Let's be frank, this issue would not have had room in his latest album. The release date for the single on iTunes is the 14th, while the entire album, yet untitled, has been confirmed for September. Wait until your arrival in order to properly judge the return of Machine Head, training despite some missteps in his career, he has earned our vote of confidence.

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