Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Music competitions, a way out in times of crisis for bands just starting out?

They say that El Gran Wyoming gave a strangled cry and ran towards the stage, the hair in the wind, open arms to known musical winner Villa de Madrid, back in 1978. Five years later, The Enemy recorded his first maxi through the first prize of the contest. The final of Villa de Bilbao left in 1995 beautiful pictures signed by Manta Ray noisy and, in 2003, by The Sunday Drivers.

Estopa triumphed in 1998 at the songwriters competition and Bebe Horta, in a call Extremadura in 2001. Along with these names, contained a long list of courses that failed to jump out of a career track record. Victory in a competition does not guarantee a future in music, much less in times of crisis: "Before you had were winning and more spread.

The record was the parrot, looking for new talents in contests," explains El Niño of the Mortgage, a born artist who admits in a sample of songwriters and now has two albums on the market. However, most artists agree that the tournaments are "a first step, a showcase." Apart from prize money, usually to finance disc recordings, the most generous is the Villa de Madrid, what they value most participants of the events is the possibility offered to play at certain stages, opening for renowned artists and media coverage.

After winning the last edition of Contempopránea, the group shared the stage tomorrow at the appointment of Extremadura with Planets and Love of Lesbian. "People who had never heard of us and, therefore, had not come to see us at a concert, we knew" they explain. The Riff Truckers still held his trophy in the last Villa de Bilbao.

"After playing in the Azkena Rock Festival as part of the award, we interviewed some of the media and we have gone several bowling (concerts), are welcome. Before you were winning a contest and had more spread, the labels were the parrot is not easy to discern what achievements can be attributed to a competition and what the merits of the band, effort and chance, but after being in first place in the Villa de Madrid 2009 and make your place to play at the festival Universimad, things got "rolled" to Idealipsticks: "We recorded the album and it began to sound on the radio," says Harvey, 50% of the training, for whom another great attractions of the event is to mingle and make friends with other groups: "Bands go through with the help of others.

We met a group of Barcelona that are in our same roll and we will help to give a gig in his hometown ". Idealipsticks recognizes that lives and lives badly-o-music. The winners of this year in the same sample, die Today Friday, hope to follow in their footsteps. In the last year the competitions have become his specialty.

"We participated in four or five, and were finalists in many of them." Internet was his great ally, "In one afternoon we signed and sent the model to all of them. Years ago would have been difficult, but now with digital, comes to mind." The spirit emerging indie bands also look lustful Demo Project organized by the Festival of Benicàssim.

While economically it is not as detached as others, provides "cache appearances on Radio 3 and La 2," said Paul, singer Chin Yi, winner in 2010, which recognizes that its components are not taken seriously started training to go through IFF. The music competitions have proliferated in recent years.

For the history of pop rock, organized by government or festivals, they have added new calls sponsored by brands that have been found in these formats a good way to reach your target audience. This is our selection:

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