Monday, June 6, 2011

Ricky Martin: "Now I have a girl ... and we are looking for name"

Ricky Martin live shows this month with their Spanish followers become father of twins, Matteo Valentino, thanks to a surrogate. A great personal change was added to the announcement in 2009 of his homosexuality from his Twitter network account. Puerto Rican artist now returns with an album, MAS (Sony Music), which is sung almost entirely in Spanish and who returns to her Latin roots.

With the singer Natalia Jiménez Madrid marks a vital issue to the rhythm of reggae, Best of my life is you. MAS is Music, Soul, Sex. Does the triad of your life? Is the title of my latest album and tour. The music has been everything in my life since age 12. And what I wanted this time is taking a new artistic risk, but keeping my essence.

On the other hand, in the last three years of my life I've gone through a very spiritual. And so is sex. We are all spiritual because the closest thing we have of God is our soul. Is your life marked in the introspective side? Fortunately, I'm not the same as 10 years ago. Life has taken me some very interesting ways that make you change.

And I appreciate that. Have changed the decisions I make and even the way I drive my car The concerts are of a more intimate than other macromontajes visits. It will be very direct with the public. Review everything I've lived since 1984 until today. And the final party will be a Latin carnival, with West Indian and Brazilian rhythms that moved me greatly.

All of my costumes and the musicians are newly designed by Giorgio Armani. It will be classy and provocative. What has changed as an artist after being doubly father? Nothing has come to be the same. Have changed the decisions I make and even the way I drive my car. My kids travel with me on tour and influences from when mounted on a plane to do a sound check.

But I'm happy. Everything is still very natural and organic. Best thing that happened to me. And a big responsibility. Yes, of course. But I'm going back for more. Do you expect more children? "I hope a girl. Really? "No kidding? Seriously. We are looking for a name and within a year we'll get to it.

Do you regret following the general welcome, not having made public his homosexuality before? Is still fantastic, honestly. Reach a level of acceptance, self esteem and dignity we wish all the world. Both the public and the media have treated me with great respect throughout the world. If I had known this 10 years ago would have done before! Do you feel liberated? Obviously I'm living today, a moment of freedom.

And so I celebrate it live for two hours of entertainment. Dance and watch from teenagers to grandmothers with good cheer to life. And do not fear for his popularity after the announcement on Twitter network? The contrary. Speaking in numbers, I went from 500,000 to 1,800,000 followers after my announcement.

And now I have 3 million followers. And I feel the gratitude of the people with the disks and concerts. Enrique Martín Morales, born in Puerto Rico in 1971, has sold over 60 million albums of Latin pop in Spanish and English since it is a soloist in 1991.

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