Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sophie Ellis Bextor: "Make A Scene 'new dance album 2011

The new album by Sophie Ellis Bextor, "Make A Scene" has arrived! Now available for download, the album by Sophie Ellis Bextor was out there over a month, Russia and the success was the appointment as "Make A Scene" reached the top 10 sales in that country. Although singles had already been presented as "Heartbreak" with the Freemasons or "Bittersweet", Sophie Ellis Bextor chose the title "Starlight" as the spearhead of his new album 2011.

Since 2000, Sophie Ellis Bextor has successfully established itself and has become in the last decade one of the icons of dance music. With singles like "Take Me Home (A Girl Like Me)", "Get Over You" or the worldwide hit "Murder On The Dancefloor» Sophie Ellis Bextor is one of the most exciting performers of contemporary music .

The new album by Sophie Ellis Bextor, "Make A Scene" should confirm this assertion. The first single from the album "Make A Scene" is the song "Starlight", written by Sophie Ellis Bextor and composed by Richard X. "Starlight" is a dance anthem, which, upon first listen, is catchy unveils its full potential.

Another song that should make sense, "Revolution." The first track on the CD, written by Greg Kurstin, known for his work with Kylie Minogue, Ke $ ha or Lily Allen. For the lyrics of "Revolution", we find Cathy Dennis and Roisin Murphy for writing. Sophie Ellis Bextor has also worked with Calvin Harris on his new album.

Among other things, on the song "Off & On," a title the nervous-sounding synthetic brand manufacture by Calvin Harris. The new album sounds like Sophie Ellis Bextor return of the star of "Murder On The Dancefloor". After a worldwide hit like this, the task was not easy for Sophie Ellis Bextor who succeeded with his inimitable style of votes to impose its style and strong admiration for the quality of the selected sounds.

"Make A Scene" is a pleasant album that is good and shows that dance music has always been the responsibility and innovation.

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